About Us

The County School Superintendent serves as the fiscal agent for county school districts. By providing accounting services to districts, administrative costs are reduced and procedures are kept constant.

The Financial Support Unit is responsible for processing expense and payroll warrants; reconciling cash balances with the County Treasurer's office; submitting payroll tax, withholding, wage and compensation reports to outside agencies; verifying federal and state completion reports and transmitting them to the Arizona Department of Education; serving as fiscal agent for consortium grants; calculating tax rates based upon district budget and property values.
The Office of the County School Superintendent, as an Education Service Agency, provides services and support for schools including writing and administering grants for special projects; offering training on financial, business administration and legal issues; assisting with teacher certification requirements and registration; maintaining home school and private school student affidavit of intent records; maintaining official school district boundary maps and descriptions; responding to other needs as requested by schools.
The County School Superintendent assists districts with school elections proving expertise on election protocol in the areas of School Board Elections, Budget Override Elections, School Bond Elections, making appointments to fill School Board vacancies or determining that a special election is necessary.
In addition to assisting the school districts, the County School Superintendent also oversees the educational needs of students who are enrolled in non-traditional public schools including collaborating with the Juvenile Detention Center to provide educational series for all detained youth and also with the Adult Detention Center which provides educational programs for individuals under the age of 18 and special education students 18-22 who are detained in county jails.
The Office of the County School Superintendent organizes county-wide special events in recognition of the need to support the efforts of students and educational professionals. Such events include the Yuma County Spelling Bee, the Yuma County Science Expo, and in conjunction with the Education Foundation of Yuma County, the Teacher of the Year awards.

Tom Hurt, Superintendent

Elizabeth Valenzuela,
Deputy Superintendent


Eliana Osborn,
Yuma County Program Specialist Arizona Department of Education


Cristal Kauzer,
Financial Assistant


Vivian Williams,
Financial assistant