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The Yuma County School Superintendents Office is not affiliated with any of the home school support groups listed on this page. This information is provided to you as a courtesy. If you have a support group and would like it listed on this page, please contact the Yuma County School Superintendents office at (928) 373-1006.


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Frequently Asked Questions


When do I have to register?
You must register with the county school superintendent in the county in which you live within 30 (thirty) days from the time the child begins attending home school.
How do I register?
Simply complete an Affidavit of Intent form and submit it with a photocopy of the child's certified birth certificate. This form is available on our website or by calling (928) 329-2245 and requesting one be mailed to you.
What do I do if I move?
If you remain in Yuma County, you will need to submit a change of information form indicating the new address. If you move out of Yuma County, you will need to submit a withdrawal form so your record of home schooling in this county may be removed. (These two items are located on the same form.)
Are the records kept confidential?
Yes. Any requests for verification of registration must be done in writing by the parent or person who has custody of the child.
Where can I get a certified birth certificate?
Certified birth certificates can be obtained from the Department of Vital Records. You may find Vital Records Information for any state or county on the following website: www.vitalrec.com.
Where do I get books/curriculums?
Contact Home Educators of Yuma (HEY) or search the web for school resources.
Can my child take a course at a public school?
Contact the school district office for the district you reside in for their policies on accepting home schooled students.
How does my child get a high school diploma/GED?
Contact Home Educators of Yuma (HEY) for school resources. You may also contact the Arizona Department of Education for more information on GED's at (602) 258-2410 x222.
What about required testing?
Testing for home school students is not a requirement according to Arizona Education Laws.